BFSTL supports Black-led nonprofit organizations serving Black children, youth, adults, and families in the St. Louis metropolitan area primarily but not limited to St. Louis City and St. Louis County through:

  • Grants and Financial Support
  • Technical Assistance (Capacity building)
  • Volunteers

Funding Cycles

February and August of each year.

Awards To Date

Total Number of Grant Recipients

Amount Awarded To Date

Total Dollars Allocated to Black-led Nonprofits


  • Organizations are required to have an African American as the Executive Director, President, or corresponding lead position.
  • Mission alignment with BFSTL goals and civic engagement
  • Services provided in the St. Louis Metropolitan area (Missouri- primary focus St. Louis City and St. Louis County)
  • Must be a 501(c)(3)

2021 Focus Areas & Grant Size

Applicants may request up to $3,000.

Funding Priority: General Operating Support for Civic Engagement Organizations

Civic engagement involves interventions or activities that educate the Black community or promote work to protect public values and make positive changes in the Black community. Civic Engagement Organizations will be involved in the following:

  • Voter engagement, registration drives, turnout events, voter legislation/regulations advocacy, and educating Black people on their ability to vote, even if they previously were incarcerated.
  • Ongoing civic education, including educating the Black community on the roles and responsibilities of public officials, Boards, and Commissions;
  • Educating the Black community on the role of the citizen, opportunities for civic participation beyond voting, including ongoing civic action such as call-ins/letters to officials, public testimony, candidate support, etc.
  • Mobilize people around social issues that impact the Black community leading to greater awareness, policy changes, increased participation, strategic planning, asset mapping, problem solving, etc. (E.g., quality housing, food insecurity, domestic violence, health disparities, community policing, anti-racism, etc.)

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