Technical Assistance

BFSTL provides technical assistance to Black-led nonprofit organizations serving Black children, youth, adults, and families in the St. Louis metropolitan area primarily but not limited to St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

What is technical assistance?

Technical assistance (TA) can be broadly defined as any specialized service or skill that a nonprofit does not possess within the organization, but which it may need in order to operate more effectively. Examples of technical assistance include:

  • Grant writing and other forms of fundraising
  • Program development
  • Evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing and communications
  • Computer technology
  • Legal and accounting services

Technical assistance providers and consultants are basically the same. They can work as individuals, for-profit consulting firms, or nonprofit organizations. How they deliver their services will vary greatly, in terms of cost, complexity and oversight. Some nonprofit technical assistance providers will offer free or low-cost services.

Tiered Technical Assistance

Technical assistance may entail a training or brief consultation with leadership, staff or board members on a basic topic related to nonprofit management or programming.

Technical assistance may entail a more extensive training or consultation that requires learning a new skill or support achieving a particular task, like generating a funding calendar, creating a database or learning how to perform a project-level evaluation.

Technical assistance may entail substantial consultation or training related to an organization’s overcall capacity to serve, response to a changing environment or  unanticipated emergency related to organizational health or client needs.


  • Organizations are required to have an African American as the Executive Director, President, or corresponding lead position.
  • Mission alignment with BFSTL goals and civic engagement
  • Services provided in the St. Louis Metropolitan area (Missouri- primary focus St. Louis City and St. Louis County)
  • Must be a 501(c)(3)


BFSTL offers free webinars throughout the year, with special sessions occurring in conjunction with the February and August grant cycles.

Most webinars are simultaneously live streamed via Zoom and Facebook Live.

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Grantee Technical Assistance

BFSTL grantees may be eligible for technical assistance during or after their award period. In collaboration with members and consultants, technical assistance is provided for general operations and programming issues.

Grantee Technical Assistance Request Form

TA Program for Grantmakers

Nonprofits run by people of color have historically been underfunded and overlooked when it comes to long-term sustainability. The result can be devastating for Black-led NGOs that have a good service delivery model but lack the means to train staff, implement new techniques, analyze their results, and scale up.

BFSTL can provide technical support to grantmaking organizations that value a community-centered, race-forward approach to technical assistance. This is particularly useful when your grantees and applicants but lack capacity in areas like grant writing, data collection or reporting. Subject matter experts are provided through our membership and consultant pool.

BFSTL can provide fee-based, live or on-demand webinars and individualized technical assistance.

Request our Technical Assistance Program Guide for Grantmakers.